Bristol Baseball Club and Leguevin Duckies Baseball near Toulouse in France have announced a formal partnership to help grow the sport in both countries. 

Initially the two clubs will work together to hold regular tournaments in the UK and France and to encourage player swaps due to the Airbus connection between Bristol and Toulouse. 

Further discussions will take place between the two clubs to develop their relationship further. 

Bristol Baseball Club is based at Somerdale Pavilion in Keynsham just outside Bristol. It runs four adult mixed teams, a women team and a youth section for under 14s. 

The Badgers play in the BBF AAA division and the Bats, Buccaneers and Brunels play in the SWWBL/BBF A league. The Bobcats compete in the BBF/WBUK national women baseball league. 

“We think this will be a very exciting and beneficial partnership for both clubs,” said Bristol chairman Richard Evans. “I am sure we can learn a lot from the Duckies and are more than happy to have their players join us for however long they are in Bristol.” 

Leguevin Duckies Baseball is based at ‘Complex sportif Pins Verts’ in the Toulousain town of Leguevin, They have one adult baseball team (16+), one mixed Softball team (16+), and youth sections for 15U, 12U, & 9U. All teams compete at regional level within the Occitanie department region of France. 

“The Duckies are delighted to be able to establish such a relationship, which we believe will benefit both clubs and all our members,” said Christophe Hoareau, President of the French Club according to the committee of the French Club. “It will be great to welcome Bristol to our field for a tournament and to take the trip to the UK and find out what British baseball is all about.” 

Both clubs see this partnership as a long term investment in their development.