Twin cities, twinned clubs

Our home city of Bristol is twinned with several cities around the world. At Bristol Baseball Club we always welcome the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with other baseball clubs, including clubs in our twin cities. We have recently contacted some of Bristol’s twin city baseball clubs with a message of friendship, and an offer of participation with our club if the chance arose.

Our offer is that we will welcome any twin city baseball club member at our practices, intra-squad scrimmages, and friendly matches; or they are very welcome to watch any of our league matches. We hope all twin city club members will contact us if they are studying, working or living in Bristol in the future, and share the joys of baseball with us.

The city of Hannover, Germany, was first twinned with Bristol in 1947 and is one of the longest standing twinnings between Britain and Germany. We have contacted the Hannover Regents baseball club and both clubs have now established this link of friendship. We have also contacted Guangzhou, China, and their league has established a link with us as well.

Bristol is a great place to live and companies are attracted here because of the quality of life. Having sports such as baseball adds to that quality of life. Our club is proud of the fact that we have had players from 23 different countries represent us on the diamond, and this cultural connection is something we hope to continue.