Bronze – Family/friends funding anything up to £250. We’ll give thanks to the individual/player/family in the newsletter and a thank you on the website.


Silver – Amounts from £250 – £750. Recognition on the newsletter and website as above, with the addition a small panel on the website above/around the Club banner plus a mention in the first article to press following sponsorship being received.


Gold – Amounts from £750 – £1500. As above, with more prominent website advertising. One dedicated article explaining the donation and the business, with player presentation photo of a ‘large cheque’.


Platinum – Amounts above £1500 or agreement reached for continued financial assistance. This will give you large banner to cover the container located on the field, during game days and practices. Large advertising space on the website and potential advertising on team uniforms depending on level of donation. Finally, continued reference to Bristol Baseball Club main sponsor in published articles, depending on level of donation.


Each offer of sponsorship will be independently considered and negotiation around benefactor ‘rewards’ is possible.

If you’d like to support the club with a donation, you can do this any time. 

However, because some criminals were attempting to abuse our payment system, we have chosen to remove the form for submitting an online payment.

If you would like to make a donation (at any time, in any amount), you can either give it to one of the club directors (cash or cheque) or contact us and we can give you a new link to donate online with a credit/debit card.