2018 Membership – Sign Up Now!


At Bristol Baseball Club, we offer three types of membership – full membership, training membership or club membership. There are no additional costs for training, travel or matches. Navigate to the respective tab to begin your membership.

If you sign up using the two adjoining month’s payment option, it will not be a standing order. You will have to go to the payment page the following month to manually pay the balance.

New Member is £135, plus the cost of a cap and jersey (This cost is still being finalised by the club). This can be split into payments over adjoining months, the first payment will be £70, the second £65 and the final payment will be the cost of the cap and jersey. The first month should be paid before the season begins. The club reserves the right to request the return of the jersey and cap should the membership not be paid in full.

Existing member is £135. This can be split into two payments over two adjoining months, the first payment will be £70 and the following payment will be £65. The first month to be paid before season begins.

Training and development members is £70.

If you would like to become a friend of Bristol Baseball it is £35.

Introduction session is £5.

Indoor Training is £45 for the 6 two hours sessions.

New members, existing members and friends of Bristol Baseball will receive membership to the Somerdale Pavillion where discounts on all food and drink are available.

All paid members of any variety have a right to vote at the AGM.

If you have already signed up but haven’t paid, or you need to add another payment through our spit payment option click here.

If you have any questions please emails us on: info@bristolbaseball.co.uk


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